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Welcome to Hunting Land Experts!

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If you are looking for premium hunting property in Wisconsin or Michigan, you have come to the right place.  Hunting Land Experts provides outdoor enthusiasts with the opportunity to purchase hunting property located in the beautiful forests of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Northeastern Wisconsin.  To date, our team has sold more than 7500 acres and have developed 2 successful QDM cooperative communities.

Hunting Land Experts specializes in acquiring and developing, through habitat management, quality tracts of hunting land for the serious outdoorsman. 


Besides focusing on smaller tracts of property, we also create private access Quality Deer Management (QDM) Cooperative Communities from the top-down.  As opposed to the bottom-up approach, where a person buys a piece of land with hopes of getting the neighbors to participate in a QDM and land management program, our approach is to buy large (4000+ acres) tracts of undeveloped forest land, prepare and/or implement a habitat management plan (i.e., food plots, timber harvest, etc.), and then sell parcels (40-1000+ acres) within that block to sportsmen with similar goals. Our clients are those interested in QDM and increasing the quantity of quality game while maintaining the integrity of the land, forests, and non-game wildlife.  



Our approach allows the landowners within our QDM communities, whether they own 40 or 400 acres, to enjoy all the benefits of owning a large tract of managed land.  It is important to note that when you buy a parcel within one of our communities, you OWN the property.  It is like owning any piece of property except that your neighbors are all on the same page, so to speak.  Unlike being a member of some hunting or conservation clubs, you do not have to share your property with other members of our cooperatives, but you do share the benefits of good management practices throughout the community.  And yes, you can post your land, build a cabin, log it, etc.  However, to protect the long-term integrity of land within the communities we work so hard to develop, we do include a nondivision act in each deed.  This means that if a client buys a parcel (40 acre minimum) that parcel can never be broken into smaller parcels for resale - a 40 or 4000 acre parcel purchased from Hunting Land Experts will remain that size indefinitely, regardless of future land owners.  In addition to this, we plan to restrict access to our QDM project properties through the use of gates - keys will only given to QDM community members.  Land owners have access to their parcel through deeded easements - none of our properties are landlocked.

Sound different? Well, we are proud to say that when it comes to selling hunting land, "we are no ordinary real estate company".  We are intimately familiar with the property we sell.  When a client decides to see a piece of property our project field guide gives them a professional tour of the land - from reviewing maps to pointing out property corners.  We pride ourselves in our 1-on-1 personal service.  Unlike any other company, we also go the extra mile by offering a full range of professional land management services through our big game/wildlife ecologist, Dr. Scott M. Sell.  With years of experience, Dr. Sell can prepare highly informative management plans designed to provide both short and long term hunting success through environmentally sound habitat management practices.  The plans can include food plot design, timber management prescriptions, custom maps, etc.  In addition, implementation of these plans increase the esthetic and financial value of our customer's property.  



Another key to our approach is that we are able to offer the many benefits of owning a large tract of land at an affordable price.   

Overall, we feel that our community based approach to selling recreational hunting properties is truly unique.  Give us a call if your as serious about the outdoors as we are and want to be part of one of these select groups of landowners.